Bosch MIC Series Camera

Professional CCTV Cameras

In response to a strong demand for a diverse range of Professional CCTV cameras, we are providing both new and refurbished ‘legacy’ models from a number of manufacturers, to suit our clients’ exact requirements.

Industrial and professional use dictates key features such as a robust weather-proof housing, excellent optical quality, Pan Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) with high magnification, plus options including wiper (for clearing the lens), heater (for extended operating temperature range) and privacy masking. To support existing deployed networks, matching the communication protocol is critical, as well as the appropriate video standard (e.g. PAL).

There follows descriptions of some of the cameras YellowsBest has recently sourced and supplied to our customers, however, we are always keen to receive further enquiries and seek to provide alternatives as necessary; please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Bosch MIC series PTZ cameras

The MIC Series are best-fit cameras for high quality surveillance security applications, installed into the harshest of environments, thanks to its IP68 rating. This tough and vandal-resistant casing provides protection from the elements and physical attack. An integrated, long life silicone wiper, and a reversible rain shield ensure high quality images regardless of the installed environment.

The brushless-motor technology offers ultra-reliable operation with full 360º continuous rotation pan and 186º tilt control for exceptional viewing capability. Small increment pan speeds from just 0.2º per second to 120º per second gives the user precise control. This speed control is especially important when used with video analytic systems, particularly for tracking subjects when fully zoomed in. The MIC Series cameras are simple to integrate and use within systems that already use Bosch AutoDome cameras.

Typical of the range of products meeting professional needs, Bosch cameras have been available for a considerable time, and whilst continuing to fulfil the same basic requirements, have undergone a number of changes over the years in the portfolio which are important to understand. In particular, Bosch previously acquired the range of cameras from ‘Forward Vision’, and consequently it is critical when sourcing additional units to match the communication protocol in use i.e. FV, Pelco or Bosch. The main models (ranging from previously produced and currently available) include:

  • MIC-300 Series
  • MIC-400 Series
  • MIC-500 Series
  • MIC-550 Series
  • MIC-612 Series
  • MIC-7000 Series
  • MIC-9000i Series

There are also two product families, the ‘Classic’ standard camera and the more advanced ‘Professional’ series.

Therefore it is worth analysing the structure of the full model number in detail to ensure all requirements are met:



MIC – Metal (IP68 weather proof housing)

500 – Camera series (e.g. 300, 400, 440, 500, 550)

AL – Case Style (AL = Aluminium, STS = Stainless Steel, IR = Infrared LEDs included)

B – Colour (i.e. Black, Grey, White)

U – Configuration (C = Cantered, U= Upright)

R – Protocol (W = Forward Vision, P = Bosch, D = Pelco P/D, R = multi-protocol (S/W selectable))

1 – Wiper (1 = Wiper fitted, 2 = No Wiper)

4 – Heater (3 = Heater fitted, 4 = No Heater)

6 – Privacy masking (5 = Privacy fitted, 6 = No Privacy)

18 – Optical Zoom (18x, 28x, 36x etc)

P – Video standard (i.e. PAL, NTSC)

Not all options were available for all camera types, and the above model numbering applies to the ‘Classic’ series products. For the ‘Professional’ series, the ‘UR136’ part of the above number is omitted, since these models are by default Upright, multi-protocol units with the Wiper, Heater & Privacy functions included. Hence the part number is shorter, e.g. MIC-500-AL-B-18-P.


360 Vision Technology ‘Predator’ cameras

Since its inception in 2002, 360 Vision Technology has developed an extensive range of analogue, high definition IP, white light, infrared, cooled and uncooled thermal, polished stainless steel and radar controlled CCTV surveillance cameras to suit a broad range of general and harsh environment applications across many market sectors.

The Predator is a high performance, fully featured range of ruggedised PTZ Cameras designed and manufactured in the UK. The Predator range comes with multiple protocols as standard allowing quick and simple integration with many leading DVR’s, matrices and IP VMS systems. The Predator range covers all applications with a comprehensive range of models including analogue, HD, Thermal, Radar, and Stainless Steel versions. Predator cameras can be supplied in any colour, in any quantity.

Key features:

  • NEW Sony Starvis Modules – Ultra low light performance
  • ONVIF 2.4 Profile S Fully Compliant
  • Full Web Server Set Up
  • 1080p Full HD 2MP
  • 30x and 20x Optical Zoom options
  • Ultra Low Light options (0.1Lux colour)
  • ANPR compatible
  • Privacy zones as standard
  • High Light Suppression to eliminate glare from vehicle headlights and other bright objects
  • High quality accurate motors
  • Colour / mono, Analogue and IP camera options
  • Triple Slip Ring technology for preset accuracy and smooth movement
  • Rain Guard around the optical glass to reduce water on the screen
  • IR option for 400m illumination
  • Dual IR & White Light LED Option for 250m (IR) 250m (White Light)
  • Wiper option with programmable wipe settings
  • Washer option
  • Inverted or upright mount
  • Easy & quick setup software
  • UK supported and supplied
  • Colour at Night™ Technology for true colour at night
  • Unique alarm activated White Light illumination for enhanced CCTV Surveillance
  • Any colour Paint & Finish options
  • Marine Paint Preparation with 10 Year Paint Guarantee



Ganz ZC-YX/NX270 Series – 700 TVL Digital Day/Night  cameras

These high performance camera features Ganz GX5 technology, combining 700TVL, WDR (wide dynamic range), intelligent image enhancement and advanced OSD controls. These highly sensitive cameras are designed to deliver an unprecedented level of resolution, sensitivity and control for optimal video surveillance in all conditions.

Key features:

  • 700 TVL Super High Resolution
  • Extremely High Sensitivity Day/Night mode 0.07 lux (colour), 0.007 lux (B/W)
  • Super Low Light Performance 0.00015 lux (Sens up, 512x mode)
  • Automatically switches between 4 pre-programmed profiles for best image results
  • Smart Day/Night mode synchronizes with IR LED
  • 2D/3D Digital Noise Reduction
  • Test Pattern Output with colour bar
  • 12VDC or 24VAC Operation, Auto-Sensing
  • UL Listed
  • A time saving Pro-Pak kit is available for outdoor installations, including camera and a selection of Day/Night compatible varifocal lenses pre-installed in a rugged outdoor housing
  • True WDR, Digital Day/Night and True WDR, True Day/Night models also available.

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