Repair Services

Although many industrial infrastructure solutions tend to be very reliable and long-lasting, from time-to-time system components can become non-operational, and when these cases arise, businesses benefit from professional repair services.

Equipment requiring repair services falls into two categories:

  • Recently deployed systems, which are still in production by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).
  • ‘Legacy’ systems, where the production has ceased; in some cases even the original vendor is no longer in business.

For the first category, certainly where there is a residual warranty provision, it may be best to return the failed item to the OEM for repair or replacement. However, businesses may still benefit from an alternative or supplementary service provision, particularly when the vendor’s production facilities are located overseas, and repair and return times are long (typically in excess of 30 days).

Regarding the second category, fortunately there are a range of options that YellowsBest, together with its network of independent service providers, can assist businesses with their ongoing support needs, to maintain the operational nature of their systems and thereby maximise their investment in deployed infrastructure.

YellowsBest assists customers with a wide variety of infrastructure elements, including telecommunications cards, CCTV cameras, matrix displays, etc. There are a number of ways YellowsBest can provide repair services:

  • Component-Level Repairs
  • Swap Repairs (Entire Module substitution with Spares)
  • Functional Replacements (Complete system substitution with compatible alternatives)

There follows brief descriptions of these repair services that we have been providing to our customers. We would be very pleased to hear from you should you wish to discuss your requirements; please contact us to see if we can be of assistance.


Component-Level Repairs

From time-to-time, hardware elements within infrastructure systems fail, and repair services are required. The diversity of modern networks and technologies in use by businesses means that there are a wide range of parts procured over a considerable period of time, from a multitude of vendors and international manufacturers from across the globe. This means that there is a spectrum of the relatively new to aging items, some parts being still under warranty to elements from OEMs that no longer exist.

YellowsBest is able to provide a comprehensive repairs management service, assisting business by acting as a single returns facility for both new and old equipment items. Typically, newer parts in or out of warranty will be sent to the OEM for repair or substitution. Older items, especially in the case where the OEM is no longer exists, will be repaired using our network of independent service providers, all to a standard equivalent to the original working condition and warranted operation.


Swap Repairs

Sometimes the repair of equipment elements is not possible, such as when the item is physically damaged or Beyond Economic Repair (BER). Or it can be the case that the repair times are long, and in order to safeguard continuous operations of systems, additional parts can be used for substitution when failures occur.

YellowsBest can source the required equipment spare parts, though its partnership with key vendors of the latest products as well as suppliers of legacy systems components. In many cases these parts can be newly manufactured to order and delivered within specified lead-times, or quickly despatched from either unused surplus stocks or ‘2nd user’ items, particularly in the case when systems are deemed obsolete and are no longer produced by the OEM.

With such a ‘swap service’ in place, the operational status of the deployed equipment can be restored without delay. YellowsBest can then, in many cases, obtain a component-level repair for the substituted item, and thereby return the original unit to ‘stock’, ready to provide the next swap repair.


Functional Replacements

When systems have reached the end of their useful working life, repairs are challenging and spares are unattainable, companies may need to completely change out or upgrade their infrastructure equipment.

YellowsBest can assist businesses by seeking alternative product solutions, in the form of either complete replacement systems, or re-manufactured elements to provide the most efficient substitution of equivalent required functionality. Particularly in the case where operational requirements have not changed, it may prove commercially beneficial to replace like-for-like products. In many cases, the substitution of functionally equivalent newer elements may pay for themselves over time through efficiency savings due to lower power consumption, etc.

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