Sustainable Systems

YellowsBest ensures Sustainable Systems by sourcing Solutions to assist customers maintain the operational status of their infrastructure.

We support both new and ‘legacy’ equipment, providing hardware repair and software corrections and suppling spares or functional replacements.

YB works with a diverse range of Customers having critical infrastructure deployment and maintenance requirements, and consequently supports a broad equipment portfolio of systems and ancillary items.

There follows a non-exhaustive list of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) together with examples of some of their systems that we can supply and support. Please let us know any other requirements you have, as we should be able to assist.

OEMs Systems
ABB / Keymile / Aastra XMC20 UMUX UNEM XMP1
Alcatel / Lucent 1511 Max
Anself Solar Charge Controllers
Apple PowerMac G5 / Pro
Benning MCU1000
Bosch DSK MIC-500 CCTV Cameras
Brocade / Foundry 10G
Ciena SM-A CM-A
Cisco ISR 4300 series
Eltec AL 175 NT
Ericsson OMS 846 OMS 860 OMS 870 OMS 1600
Ernitec M2504 M/2
Extreme Networks Summit
Fisch Lead-Acid Cell AGM Batteries
Huawei M1000
IBM PS/2 Model 80
Juniper SRX 5400 EX 3300
Ganz ZC-YX/NX270 Series Cameras
Marconi / GEC SMA SDH
Mercury DC-Mains Power Inverters
MRV EM 316 EM 1600 EM 2003 EM 2004
New Energy Co-operative Flexible Solar Panels
Newbridge MCP CEB TDS
Nokia Telecommunications Dynanet PDH
  • ACM2
  • DM2
  • DB2
  • DN2
Synfonet SDH
  • STM-4
  • 2MTA
  • SSW
  • TSW0
NMS/10, NMS/100 DX220
Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) Surpass HIG1100 HIE9200 HIQ8000
Pelco Spectra IP Dome System Cameras
RAD ASMi ETX Megaplex RADview
Rohde & Schwarz ADD095 Antennas DF-ATC-S Direction Finding (RDF)
Tellabs DM8 MX8
Thomson Speed Touch
Transmode MDU OCU
3COM Baystack
360Vision ‘Predator’ Cameras