Technologies / Products

YellowsBest offers various new and ‘legacy’ equipment Technologies and a wide range of infrastructure, telecoms and other Products, enabling Customers in many diverse organisations and across a wide spread of market sectors with Solutions to do more whilst reaping cost-benefits.

Below is listed the Market Sectors of our Customers, together with typical Technologies and examples of the Products we supply.

We’re always keen to expand our portfolio, so please let us know anything you require as we can usually provide whatever is needed.

Market Sectors

  • Maintenance Companies
  • Private Networks & SMEs
  • Public Safety (Police, Fire, Ambulance)
  • Systems Integrators
  • Telecoms (Carriers, Operators)
  • Transport (Rail, Metros, Underground, Highways, Aerospace)
  • Utilities (Electricity, Gas, Oil, Water)

Typical Technologies

  • Optical Fibre and Copper, PDH Access & SDH Transmission, Telecommunications equipment
  • TDMoIP, Pseudo-wire, IP Data and Voice Telephony
  • Carrier Ethernet, C / DWDM optical fiber multiplexing technology
  • Microwave Radio, wireless coverage solutions
  • Private Mobile Radio (PMR), TETRA infrastructure, terminals, accessories
  • CCTV Cameras, security systems
  • LED displays and information signs
  • Antennas and Radio Direction Finding (RDF)
  • Solar Energy off-grid installations
  • Power supplies and peripheral devices
  • IT network, workstation, server, storage products
  • Network Management Systems (NMS), OSS software
  • Test Equipment
  • Telecoms Products

Example Products

  • DM2 Multiplexing Unit – TC 21101
  • DB2 Branching Unit (B2) – CC 24002
  • DB2 Switching Unit (X2) – CC 24011
  • DN2 Interface Unit (IU2) – CC 24101
  • Data Interface Unit (DIU), nx64k: G.703/704 – CU 24013
  • Channel Unit 8ch VF / E&M – TU 21236.10
  • Channel Unit SUB/SUB – TU 21206
  • Channel Unit SUB/EXCH – TU 21216
  • Optical Line Terminal Repeater (DF2-8) – TA 21518
  • Optical Teleprotection Interface Unit, C37.94 – D-24204
  • NDM 19in 17-slot Subrack – T37870.01
  • NDM DC Unit (NDUe) – T37882.02