‘Dynanet’ PDH Telecom Spares

Continuing in Operation, Still Available for Supply

The ‘Dynanet’ product family is a range of PDH telecommunications products first launched by Nokia over 20 years ago. This equipment has proven to be incredibly reliable and dependable, extensively deployed by Operators, Utilities and Transport companies to provide resilient and highly available transmission networks.   

A continuing challenge for public and private network owners is the ongoing maintenance of infrastructure systems to support their business needs. In many cases, it makes sense to continue to operate legacy systems which are still fulfilling unchanged requirements, rather than contemplate costly and time-consuming change-outs and replacements. 

Keeping Customers Operational

@YellowsBestLtd seeks out new products and legacy equipment spares to assist with these aims. Recent enquiries have been fulfilled supplying refurbished and surplus stocks of equipment cards, as well as built-to-order cables and connectors to suit exact requirements.

There follows a few examples of items we have recently supplied. Also, our more extensive Definitive ‘Dynanet’ spares list here provides details of many items still available from surplus and refurbished stock. We would welcome any enquiries for the supply of similar or alternative parts, or support services to provide hardware repairs. Please get in touch; we look forward to hearing from you!

Example items, recently supplied

Part NumberProduct CodeDescription
CC 24002DB2 B2DB2 2×2 Mb/s Branching Unit (B2), 75ohm
CC 24002 – DB2 B2

Part NumberProduct CodeDescription
CC 24011DB2 X2DB2 2 Mb/s Switching Unit (X2), 75ohm
CC 24011 – DB2 X2

Part NumberProduct CodeDescription
TC21101DM2DM2 Multiplexing Unit, 75 ohm

Part NumberProduct CodeDescription
T37870.01SUBRACKNDM 19in 17-slot Subrack
T37870.01 – Subrack

Power Supplies
Part NumberProduct CodeDescription
T37882.02NDUeNDM DC Unit (NDUe)
T37882.02 0 – NDUe

Voice Interfaces
Part NumberProduct CodeDescription
TU21236.10VF E&MCU 8ch E&M/uP: 1xUKe&m/VF
TU 21236.10 – VF E&M

Optical Line
Part NumberProduct CodeDescription
TA 21513DF 2-8Term. Repeater 2-8 M, 1300 nm LED MM/SM
TA 21513 – DF 2-8

Copper Line
Part NumberProduct CodeDescription
T65570.01ACL2iACL2i DC GEN
T65570.01 – ACL2i

Part NumberProduct CodeDescription
T31094.01DCNDCN Adapter C4.0
T31094.01 – DCN

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