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Nokia, Marconi and Ericsson SDH – ‘Synfonet’, ‘SMA’ and ‘OMS’

‘Legacy’ Networks; long history, but still important and operational!

Back in the day, when PDH (Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy) was all there was for telecommunications optical and copper transmission, a familiar site was the ‘Multiplexer Mountain’.

PDH Multiplexer Mountain

Then came the new transport technologies: SDH (Synchoronous Digital Hierarchy) for high-speed digital communication (via optical fibre and radio links); and (D)WDM ((Dense) Wave Division Multiplexing) as an optical solution for raising the capacity of existing fibre networks (particularly when the fibre-count was limited).

Nokia launched the ‘Synfonet’ range as the big brother to their successful ‘Dynanet’ PDH portfolio, with SDH capacity of initially STM-1 (155MBit/s) and STM-4. Later came STM-16 and WDM.

Synfonet – STM-1/4
  • All in one subrack (REG, TM, ADM, DXC)
  • Wide range of tributaries
  • 64kbit/s cross-connection server
  • Upgradable from STM-1 to STM-4 while in service
  • Compact, flexible and easy to expand
Nokia Synfonet
Synfonet – STM-16
  • 2.5 Gbit/s, four times the throughput rate of STM-1/4
Nokia Synfonet
Synfonet – WDM
  • 4–channel multiplexing / demultiplexing
  • 8-channel multiplexing / demultiplexing
  • Up to 20 Gbit/s per fibre
Nokia Synfonet

But in 1999, Marconi Communications acquired (for over $100M) Nokia’s Synfonet brand, SDH and DWDM transport equipment products and about 120 staff from its Cambridge research and development business under the deal.

Inevitably over time Marconi rationalised their portfolio and the Synfonet range was discontinued, in favour of the SMA and MSH SDH equipment.

Business however took a downward path and in 2005 Ericsson acquired the key assets of Marconi (for SEK 16.8 billion). “Marconi” then became the registered trade-mark branding for Ericsson to promote these products, until phasing them out.

Marconi® Series 1 SMA1 Multiplexer
  • Flexible SDH Multiplexer
  • Terminal, Add/drop (ADM) or Digital Cross-Connect (DXC)
Marconi® Series 3 & 4 SMA Multiplexers
  • Full range of options, including size and power variants
  • SMA1, SMA4, SMA16c and SMA16c+ Series 3 models
  • Tributary interfaces from 2MBit/s to STM-4
  • SMA1/4, SMA1/4c, SMA1/4E and SMA1/4UC Series 4 models
  • Supports ATM and IP with enhanced data functionality
  • Metro access and metro core deployment, and customer premises
Marconi® SMA 16-64 Multiplexers
  • Advanced ADM, DXC and low-order aggregator
  • Delivers 2.5GBit/s and 10GBit/s data transport capabilities
  • Full VC-12 granularity allowing single-layer access without VC-4 layer
  • Metro core deployment
Marconi® MSH Series
  • Family of STM Multiplexers, Regenerators and Cross Connects
  • MSH11C, MSH41C, MSH51C, MSH63, MSH64, MSH64C and MSH86 Models.
Marconi® MSH2K
  • Foundation of Marconi’s switching portfolio
  • DXC functionality, capacity of 320GBit/s
  • Support for STM-1 to STM-64 electrical interfaces
  • Embedded DWDM and support of SDH protection / restoration
  • Seamless transition from Ring to Mesh network architectures
  • Capable of upgrade to Multi-Layer Switch (MLS)
  • Metro core deployment
Marconi® MSH64C
  • Based on same platform as MSH2K
  • Core ADM/XC, 80GBit/s switch, capacity of 32 x STM-64 interfaces
  • Consolidating and grooming traffic.
  • Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for data transport
  • Embedded DWDM interfaces

From 2007, Ericsson launched the (still) Marconi® branded OMS (Optical Multi Service) portfolio of advanced SDH multiplexers, including OMS 1200, OMS 1400 and OMS 1600 providing multi-service products for Metro-Edge and Metro networks. The “Marconi” brand was later dropped by Ericsson for this OMS range.

OMS 1200 range
  • Range of SDH ADM
  • Optimised for ring and terminal applications
OMS1200 series
OMS 1400 range
  • Compact energy efficient multiservice and packet optical transport.
  • Optimized for use in Metro Access networks
  • Carrier class Ethernet and TDM services interworking with metro and core Networks based on SDH, Ethernet or IP/MPLS
  • Applications ranging from high capacity customer sites, fixed or mobile backhaul/Radio Access Network (RAN) aggregation and transport
OMS 1600 range
  • Compact, multiservice transport and switching platform
  • Terminal, Add/Drop and Cross-connect multiplexers
  • Line, ring, star and meshed networks
  • Modular configurability, comprehensive switching options
  • High port density reducing space and power consumption
  • Range of data and TDM services, fulfilling ITU- T G.782 requirements
OMS1600 Series

The OMS range provided packet evolution capabilities to Ericsson’s optical networking portfolio and strengthened its Full Service Broadband offering, meeting the demand from operators to evolve their network to support a mix of services and traffic types, with dexterous backhaul connectivity, TDM or Ethernet-based, with telecom quality, flexibility and scalability.

Perhaps this ‘potted history’ helps explain the ’journey’ these products took, and clarifies why they can be referred to as both Nokia and Marconi, or indeed Ericsson. Although now discontinued by these manufacturers, the products are extensively deployed and still in use by Telecoms Operators, Utilities and Transport companies.

Supporting ‘Legacy’ Networks and Keeping Customers Operational

From time-to-time Customers benefit from services from @YellowsBestLtd

  • Locating Nokia, Marconi, Ericsson (and other vendors) hard-to-find replacement items
  • Hardware repair services to existing parts
  • Supplying additional spares for newer systems to increase capacity or provide alternative interfaces

This way these ‘legacy’ but still important networks can continue to be maintained and kept operational.

To illustrate the possible requirements for spares and repairs, some key parts from the above networking technologies are listed, as follows:

Nokia - Synfonet


Part Code Family Description
STM-4 (T30023.01 – 71.02) Synfonet STM-4 card
STM-16 (T30172.02 – .06) Synfonet 2 x STM-1/4 WDM Mux
WDM MUX (T30172.41) Synfonet 2 x STM-1/4 WDM Mux
STM-1 E/140M (T3033.01) Synfonet 140Mbit/s STM-1 electrical IU
34M/45M (T30046.02) Synfonet 34/45Mbit/s electrical IU
2M TA (T30041.01 – 43.01) Synfonet 2Mbit/s interface units
CU (T30073.01) Synfonet Node control and timing unit
SSW (T30053.01) Synfonet System Switch Unit
SU-A (T30084.01) Synfonet Service unit / EOW
SPIU (T30093) Synfonet PSU Card
TSW0 (T30110.01) Synfonet 64 kbit/s cross-connect unit
TSW1 (T30063.01) Synfonet Cross-connect unit for STM-4
Marconi - SMA / MSH


Part Code Family Description
02HAM00002AAJ SMA-1/4 21 X 2M LTU Balanced
02HAM00003AAL SMA-1/4 63 X 2M LTU Unbalanced
03HAT00010AAS SMA-1/4 10/100MB Ethernet Module
1HAM61217AAK SMA-1/4 Power Unit
1HAT 60796 AKU SMA-16 STM-16 OPT.TCM AHK S16.1 (SC)
1HAK 60596 AAE SMA-16 STM-16 RX OPT S16.1
1HAK 60701 ABM SMA-16 STM-16 TX OIC 1310nm (FC/PC)
1HAT 60730 ADL SMA-16 STM-16 LINE UNIT 1550nm (FC/PC)
1HAT 60730 AJX SMA-16 STM-16 LINE UNIT 1310nm (FC/PC)
1HAT 60730 AMA SMA-16 STM-16 L-16.1 SC
1HAT 60730 ANS SMA-16 STM-16 L-16.2/3 SC
SN99AD SMA-16 Power Supply Unit
Part Code Family Description
133-1467/01 MSH86 Matrix Shelf
131-9475/21 MSH64 STM-64 S64.2 SC/PC
131-9475/22 MSH64 STM-64 L/V/U64.2 SC/PC
131-8685/01 MSH11C 3 X 34MBit/s Tributary Unit G.703
133-1260/01 MSH84 MSH86 Shelf Type 5
130-3118/01 MSH84 Trib Matrix Board
130-3132/01 MSH84 Control Matrix Sub Unit
130-3142/01 MSH84 Main Control Sub Unit
1MBD60697AAT MSH2K Shelf
02MBB00001ABG MSH2K S-16.1 Module, LC
02MBB00001ACY MSH2K L-16.1 Module, LC
02MBB00001ADR MSH2K L-16.2 Module, LC
Ericsson – OMS


Part Code Family Description
03HAG00001AAX OMS1200 A/D Mux System Chassis
03HAM0019AAQ OMS1200 HI Power DC Supply
03HAN00007AAH OMS1200 AC Power & Battery Backup
03HAN00009AAM OMS1200 Fan Unit
03HAT00041AAQ OMS1200 Common Control ADM Unit-A
03HAT00041ABH OMS1200 Common Control ADM Unit-B
03HAT00045ABR OMS1200 Ethernet Prnt Card
1HAT61107ABC OMS1200 64 x 2M Core Trib Card
1HBA60828AAX OMS1200 32x 2M Unbalanced LTU
1HBA60832AAA OMS1200 32x 2M Balanced LTU
1HAT61106BAE OMS1200 Comm/Aux/ANC Unit
1HAM61217ABC OMS1200 Power LTU Mod
Part Code Family Description
03HA500032AAC OMS1664 STM-1 Switch Card
03HAM00006AAT OMS1664 STM-1 Line Terminating Card
03HAM00015AAG OMS1664 10/100 Electrical LTU-Type 2 (SK57BC)
03HAT00015AAD OMS1664 STM-4 Line Card
03HAT00016AAF OMS1664 STM-4/16 Core Card
03HAT00021AAK OMS1664 STM-16 Line Card
03HAT00020AAH OMS1664 STM-64 Line Card
03HAT00029ACM OMS1664 16xE1
03HAT00053AAK OMS1664 140M Transmux Card
03HAT00057ABL OMS1664 Ethernet L2 Data Switch Prnt Card
03HAT00054AAM OMS1664 Ethernet Layer 2 (8+16 Ports) (SK58AB)
1HAG60619AAK OMS1664 Standard Shelf
1HAG60620AAF OMS1664 Compact Shelf

Please get in touch and let us know what you need to keep your network in good shape!

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