Nokia ‘Dynanet’ – Still Operating, Still in Demand!

Nokia ‘Dynanet’ PDH Telecommunications Product Portfolio

Still Operating, and Still in Demand!

We’re pleased to have recently helped Customers locate additional spares of this incredibly reliable and therefore popular telecommunications infrastructure equipment.

The range was originally produced by Nokia, and has been extensively deployed and in operational service around the world for over 20 years. It has formed the backbone of PDH and Access networks for many Customers across the Telecom Operator, Utilities and Transportation market sectors.

Recent Requirements

We’ve recently supplied Customers with these spare parts:

  • Smart Branching Unit (TU 21743)
  • DC/DC converter -24..-48V / -48V,-60V (21263)

These represent popular choices, but see below for an extended list of other immediately available items.

Future Dependability

It makes sense for Customers to use these spares as replacements as well as to add additional capacity to their existing networks, given the faultless performance of the products, rather than undertake costly and time-consuming wholesale replacements, given that in many case their basic telecommunications  requirements have not  changed.

Plus the ‘Dynanet’ product range has proven itself to be dependable over an extended period. How many of the latest products will be available in 5 or 10 years’ time, let alone in over 20 years?

Dynanet – an overview

 Nokia DYNANET is a family of multiplex, branching, cross-connect and line equipment.

The DM2 equipment has been designed for multiplexing analogue speech and signalling as well as data channels of different bit rates into a common 2 Mbit/s frame. The dynamic branching equipment DB2 and the cross-connect equipment DN2 increase the flexibility and application range in the DYNANET family.

The DYNACARD data channel unit selection covers the bit rates from 0.3 kbit/s up to 1984 kbit/s compliant with the V- or X-series of the ITU-T Recommendations. Other DYNACARD channel units provide specialised interfacing functions for Voice and Data applications.

The heart of the equipment is a MUX unit which is common to all channel and special units of the DM2 system. The MUX unit communicates through a 2 Mbit/s internal bus with the tributary units and carries out the 2048 kbit/s framing according to ITU-T G.732 standard.

The common MUX unit also inserts the signalling information into time slot 16 or provides the time slot 16 as a 64 kbit/s data interface, e.g., for use with a separate signalling equipment.

Analogue and digital services are realised with interface-specific channel units that connect to the DYNACARD bus. The channel units contain from one to ten voice channels, depending on the complexity of the interface.

Each individual voice or data channel can use any 64 kbit/s time slot, several time slots or only part of the capacity of one time slot. The allocation of time slots to different voice/data channels is independent of physical unit placement.

The DYNACARD VF channel unit selection provides analogue interface with signalling adaptation ranging from subscriber signalling to various types of junction line signalling. The signalling can be either channel associated or common channel signalling. In subscriber applications subscriber line testing is also available.

Immediately available from Refurbished Stock

Here is a list of items currently available from refurbished stock. All in excellent working condition, and can be delivered in a matter of days. No long lead time! But do remember that many items may be in short supply, so worth acting now and purchasing any spares you might need to avoid future disappointment!

Part Number Description
24204 TPSO H/W Module
CC 24002 DB2 Branching Unit, B2 2×2 Mb/s 75 ohm
CC 24011 DB2 2 Mb/s Switching Unit, X2 75 ohm
CC 24111 DN2 Control Unit (CU) 75 ohm
CF 24186.09 DN2 Subrack 19″, grey-L91 EMC
CG 24170 DN2 Bus Power Unit (BPU)
CU 24013 Data Interface Unit (DIU) 2M, nx64k: G.703/704, 75 ohm
CU 24101 DN2 Interface Unit (IU2) 2×2 Mb/s 75 ohm
T30506.09 17-slot DYNANET Subrack
T30851.02 Subrack Power Adapter (SPA)
T37870.01 NDM 19in 17-slot subrack
T37882.01 NDM DC Unit (NDUe)
T37889.01 NDM Backup Unit (NBU)
T65580.01 ACL2i PF GEN Line Terminal Card
TA 21513 Optical Line Terminal Repeater 2-8 M, 1300 nm LED MM/SM
TA 21516 Optical Line Terminal Repeater 2-8 M, 1300 nm LASER SM
TC 21301 DM8 Multiplex Equipment, 75 ohm
TC 21710.01 TMS Adapter
TF 21090.09 Subrack 19″, (EMC), grey
TU 21122.5 Data Interface Unit (DIU) 48..64k V.11 10ch
TU 21125 Data Interface Unit (DIU) 48..64k with sync, X.21
TU 21236.10 Channel Unit (CU) 8ch E&M/uP: 2xe&m/vf

This represents a list of the most common elements Customers need, but please do contact us if there’s something specific you’d like us to seek out for you. Always happy to help!

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