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Legacy Infrastructure Systems Equipment Spares Solutions

Can we help you with sourcing any equipment or spare parts for old legacy or even new infrastructure systems?
Many customers are needing to keep systems and infrastructure maintained to prolong asset life. This is particularly important for ‘legacy’ equipment that is approved for use and very reliable but in many cases no longer manufactured.
So here’s the solution: speak to the team at YellowsBest about anything you need to source to keep your systems in operational service.
In particular we can help with:
– telecommunications hardware infrastructure products
– technologies including optical transmission, PDH, SDH, C/DWDM, microwave radio, PMR / TETRA 
– software solutions including OSS / NMS
– IT equipment including personal computers and server hardware
– ancillary equipment such as power supplies, filters, monitoring devices, consumables
– cabling, wiring looms and connectors
We can supply parts from a variety of current and previous vendors including:
– Alcatel / Lucent e.g. 1511 Max
– Apple e.g. PowerMac G5 / Pro
– Benning e.g. MCU1000
– Bosch e.g. DSK
– Brocade / Foundry e.g. 10G
– Ciena e.g. SM-A, CM-A
– Cisco e.g. ISR 4300 series
– ECI Telecom e.g. OPBFC
– Eltec e.g. AL 175 NT
– Ericsson e.g. OMS 846, 860, 870, 1600
– Ernitec e.g. M2504 M/2
– Extreme Networks e.g. Summit
– Keymile e.g. UMUX, UNEM, XMP1
– Huawei e.g. M1000
– IBM e.g. PS/2 Model 80
– Juniper e.g. SRX5400, EX3300
– GEC / Marconi e.g. SMA SDH
– MRV e.g. EM 316, 1600, 2003, 2004
– Newbridge e.g. MCP, CEB, TDS
– Nokia Telecommunications e.g. Dynanet PDH DM2 DB2 DN2, Synfonet SDH TSW0, NMS/10, NMS/100, DX220
– Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) e.g. Surpass HIG1100, HIE9200, HIQ8000 
– Nortel e.g. OTR, OCLD
– RAD e.g. Megaplex, ETX, ASMi, RADview
– Tellabs e.g. DM8, MX8
– Thomson e.g. Speed Touch
– Transmode e.g. MDU, OCU
– 3COM e.g. Baystack
Normally parts will be ‘2nd user’ working condition, where new items can no longer be sourced, but in some cases unused ‘last time buy’ surplus stocks or even remanufactured items can be supplied. 
Please let us know if there’s anything else you need, we would be happy to investigate what is available and advise accordingly.
We look forward to hearing from you.
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