YellowsBest assists Customers by providing a range of professional services for Business development and Enterprise maintenance. These can be contracted in a flexible way i.e. anything from Day-Rate to Project Based service delivery, case-by-case or by annual agreement. Descriptions follow of our standard services portfolio which we can tailor to suit; please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Keeping Customers Operational


YB is able to support companies by providing consultation advice and practical assistance for a wide range of business initiatives and services requirements, such as:

  • Business Strategy
    • By holding individual one-on-one consultative sessions or larger “workshop” events, depending on the organisation size and requirements, objectives can be formulated for the next evolutionary phases of our clients’ business, assistance provided for executing the plans and outcomes monitored and reviewed. An example of this approach provided to clients is:
      • Creation of Business Plans for identifying markets, customers and strategic propositions.
      • Planning for the generation of prospects and reaching customers via direct and channel approaches.
      • Performance Measurement analysis to understand success ratios and identify corrective actions to improve utilisation of resources and optimise business efficiency
  • Account Management
    • Typically an Account Manager (AM) has a hybrid role, interfacing between various departments with the company and acting as the Customers’ champion, ensuring service delivery and satisfaction. Consequently, the AM performs a range of commercial tasks including handling telephone enquiries, providing quotations and bid responses, as well as trouble-shooting issues and contract management. The AM needs to understand and follow company strategy, ensuring retention of existing business whilst developing and growing new opportunities, through establishing and maintaining strong relationships with key customer contacts. The AM is also often the main point of escalation for many issues, including operational service management, order processing, invoicing, payment (credit control), etc. Its necessary for the AM to generate reports and present status and progress at regular intervals to assist the company’s planning and performance monitoring.
    • YB can assist with the above activities by undertaking elements of this Account Management workload, either on a client-by-client basis or defined individual tasks. The advantage of the YB service delivery model is that activities can be supported when required, avoiding the need to increase permanent headcount to handle accounts which typically only need a limited amount of support during the year, particularly at times such as when an annual contract renewal is required, and servicing the customer relationship whilst an extensive ‘must win’ bid is occupying all available resources.
  • Bid Management
    • From time-to-time companies engage in bidding for new works or extensions to existing contracts; this ranges from simple quotations to extensive formal procurement processes. This often requires input from and co-ordination of various company departments, working to defined and often tight timescales, and a bid manager is needed to ensure the deadlines are met and the bid response is submitted on time. However, it is often the case that this is ‘no-one’s job’, and hence the role must be fulfilled by an account management or business development individual, acting as a distraction to other important responsibilities.
    • YB can assist with bids large and small by providing the necessary co-ordination activities, researching and completing the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ), responding to the initial Request for Information (RFI) and ensuring that the bid timescales are understood and the inputs provided in order to complete the Invitation to Tender (ITT) response and answer the Request for Quotation (RFQ).
  • Business Development
    • Whilst current contracts may fully occupy existing resources, companies need to continue to seek new prospects to at least replace works that finish and ideally expand to grow turnover and revenue. The challenge is therefore to find the bandwidth to generate leads for new business opportunities whilst continuing to service existing accounts and fulfil obligations.
    • YB can therefore supplement existing prospecting capabilities, seeking new opportunities in targeted customers and desired areas of market expansion.
  • Channel / Vendor Management
    • Companies procure equipment items in order to produce their own products, or purchase complete products and systems to resell to their customers. The relationships with these key vendor suppliers and manufacturers are therefore critical, particularly if a ‘channel sales’ partner agreement is in place for the company to be an exclusive or preferred distributer or Value Added Reseller (VAR). Often this requires regular interaction with the vendor, presenting feedback from customers and the market and receiving updates on product developments, which need to be further communicated within the company to relevant departments.
    • YB can provide assistance with maintaining these important relationships and facilitating the flow of communications, and even seeking out alternative and supplementary sources of product portfolios as necessary.
  • Commercial / Contract Negotiations
    • Although a new opportunity may be secured and agreed in principle, or renewal of existing business has been promised, companies need to formally document and sign a contract, for the protection of both parties and avoid misunderstandings of the exact scope of supply. This can involve extensive discussions and negotiations to reach an acceptable agreement, both internally as well as with the customer. This necessary work can seem a distraction to account management and business development resources, who have other pressing activities to attend to.
    • YB can ensure drafting, review, completion and acceptance of contracts, facilitating negotiations, liaising with all stakeholders and communicating changes. The advantage of YB’s flexible service model means that the resources are available when needed i.e. when contracts are required to put in place or amended.
  • Sales & Marketing
    • Without some form of promotional activities to highlight what a company has to offer, it is unlikely that new customers or even existing clients will be in touch to request a proposal and provide much needed orders.There can never be too much sales and marketing effort but the trouble is advertising can be expensive and lack focus, websites often don’t get updated and existing account management and business development resources are already occupied on immediate tasks.
    • YB can therefore provide supplementary effort to companies in support of ad-hoc customer approaches, targeted campaigns, revisions to websites and the provision of resources to help staff exhibition spaces, etc.

Operations & Maintenance

Organisations with systems and infrastructure have a wide range of service requirements for running systems and maintaining assets.

YB can supplement the customers resources by providing technical support resources to provide expertise for specific operational and planned maintenance tasks.


When a business is growing and when staff change, requirements for ‘accelerated learning’ are generated. However, training from vendors may be too generic and excessive. What is usually needed is something a lot more focused on the day-to-day business activities.

YB can provide tailor-made hands-on instruction on a wide range of tasks that deliver exactly the knowledge transfer staff need to function at their best and ensure optimum business operations.

Telephone Assistance

From time-to-time, operational difficulties, equipment faults as well as enquiries of a non-urgent nature occur and it is useful to have a source of help to call upon for assistance.

YB can provide a working hours telephone support service (or 24/7 ’emergency’ cover if necessary) for customer staff to call-up and have their queries logged, with call-back by an engineer within an agreed SLA period.

Engineering Site Visits

Should telephone assistance not be sufficient to resolve operational difficulties, a visit to a customer’s premises may need to be considered.

YB can arrange for a suitably qualified engineering expert to make a planned visit to the customer’s site in order to troubleshoot the issues and provide recommendations for the way forward.

Solutions Sourcing

When systems have reached the end of their useful working life, repairs are challenging and spares are unattainable, companies may need to completely change out or upgrade their infrastructure equipment. Given the complex nature of infrastructure systems, which have in most cases been built up over a considerable period and utilising a wide range of technologies, it can be complicated to implement new requirements whilst accommodating existing operations.

YB can provide solutions engineering assistance to businesses to help specify the details of the requirements, and then seek out the product solutions accordingly, in the form of either complete replacement systems, or re-manufactured elements to provide the most efficient substitution of equivalent required functionality. Particularly where operational requirements have not changed, it may prove commercially beneficial to replace like-for-like products. In many cases, the substitution of functionally equivalent newer elements may pay for themselves over time through efficiency savings due to lower power consumption, etc.

Spares Supply

In order to ensure the availability of existing installed operational infrastructure, as well as enabling capacity expansion, it is best to have a number of spare elements and line replaceable units. Sometimes the repair of equipment elements is not possible, such as when the item is physically damaged or Beyond Economic Repair (BER). Or it can be the case that the repair times are long, and in order to safeguard continuous operations of systems, additional parts are needed to be kept by the field maintenance teams for substitution at site when failures occur.

YB can seek out and source the required equipment spare parts, which for older and legacy systems can be hard to obtain, and for newer systems may be obtained at more competitive prices. In many cases these parts can be newly manufactured to order and delivered within specified lead-times, or quickly despatched from either unused surplus stocks or ‘2nd user’ items, particularly in the case when systems are deemed obsolete and are no longer produced by the OEM.

Hardware Repair

From time-to-time, hardware elements within infrastructure systems fail, and repair services are required. The diversity of modern networks and technologies in use by businesses means that there are a wide range of parts procured over a considerable period of time, from a multitude of vendors and international manufacturers from across the globe. This means that there is a spectrum of the relatively new to aging items, some parts being still under warranty to elements from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Sourcing hardware repair services can therefore often be a challenge, when the OEM no longer exists or the product has been made ‘obsolete’.

YB is able to provide a comprehensive repairs management service, assisting business by acting as a single returns facility for both new and old equipment items. Using our network of independent repair houses to supplement OEM services enables repairs to be performed for a broad range of new and old technologies, all to a standard equivalent to the original working condition and with warranted operation.

Software Support

Modern infrastructure systems usually contain key software components, and in the case of network management systems, the software is a fundamental aspect of the infrastructure service delivery.

YB can arrange for the expertise in the specific software solutions to be made available, and where applicable arrange for upgrades of older systems to the latest, supported versions of the system deployment.

Reverse Logistics – Value Recovery

When an infrastructure system has reached the end of its useful operational life, and a project is undertaken to implement its modern replacement, it is often the case that little prior thought is given to how to remove the  system being replaced, and what best to do with the equipment being removed, other than to simply send for scrap.

YB can bring some key benefits to the customer and the environment at large by assisting with the ‘reverse logistics’ removal of the replaced system equipment, and then bring a welcome source of revenue through resale and recycling of the recovered legacy elements.

Value Added Resale

Vendors and international manufacturers, even those with an existing presence in the UK, often benefit from increased sales effort and routes to market provided by distributors and indirect sales channels, allowing them to concentrate on core strategic clients whilst not neglecting wider markets and associated valuable additional sales opportunities.

YB is able to assist vendors and OEMs by acting as a Value Added Reseller (VAR) to offer sales channel partnership to supply and support a broad range of customer businesses.


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