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Legacy Computing – Windows through time


DOS Beginnings – the early days of ‘personal computing’ The ‘Personal Computer’ (PC) launched by IBM in 1981 was a breakthrough that revolutionised the workplace, though the early ones were quite limited especially in terms of how to use them

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Nokia, Marconi and Ericsson SDH – ‘Synfonet’, ‘SMA’ and ‘OMS’

SDH Network

‘Legacy’ Networks; long history, but still important and operational! Back in the day, when PDH (Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy) was all there was for telecommunications optical and copper transmission, a familiar site was the ‘Multiplexer Mountain’. Then came the new transport

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“TESTERS” – Test Equipment to suit all deployed technologies


Customers who own infrastructure systems usually require some form of test equipment to assist with the build, operation and maintenance activities. Given the mixture of old and new technologies now deployed, consequently the range of available test equipment options has

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Data Centre Solutions – Keeping IT cool!

Keeping IT cool!

In order to get the best out of data centre infrastructure, ensuring equipment runs at its most efficient, reducing risk of failure and extending its life span, attention should be paid to ensuring the optimum operating environment. Efficiencies impacting on

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Legacy and New Infrastructure Spares


Most Customers’ infrastructure systems now consist of a wide range of technologies from the very old to relatively recent, having been built to serve operational requirements for a number of years. In many cases, these requirements don’t significantly change, and

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Professional CCTV Cameras

Bosch MIC Series Camera

In response to a strong demand for a diverse range of Professional CCTV cameras, we are providing both new and refurbished ‘legacy’ models from a number of manufacturers, to suit our clients’ exact requirements. Industrial and professional use dictates key

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Nokia ‘Dynanet’ – Still Operating, Still in Demand!


Nokia ‘Dynanet’ PDH Telecommunications Product Portfolio Still Operating, and Still in Demand! We’re pleased to have recently helped Customers locate additional spares of this incredibly reliable and therefore popular telecommunications infrastructure equipment. The range was originally produced by Nokia, and

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Legacy Infrastructure Systems Equipment Spares Solutions

Legacy Spare Part

Can we help you with sourcing any equipment or spare parts for old legacy or even new infrastructure systems?   Many customers are needing to keep systems and infrastructure maintained to prolong asset life. This is particularly important for ‘legacy’

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IBM PS/2 Model 80 Project


Another IT ‘project’, this time to fulfil a Customer’s need for an additional system, exactly matching their existing ‘legacy’ IBM PS/2 Model 80 computer. Happily we were able to supply a fully working 8580 machine, running Windows 3.11 and DOS 6.22.

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