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Legacy Transmission & Line Codes

Before Fibre, there was copper!        It’s almost difficult to believe that not so very long ago (ok, going back maybe more than 50 years) there were no optical fibre or digital transmission paths of any flavour of technology providing our

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Lessons from the ‘Lockdowns’ for Business


Seeking the ‘new normal’ Most workplaces have seen some considerable disruption over the last year due to the restrictions necessary to deal with the global Covid-19 virus pandemic. Hopefully things are going to get easier over the coming months. But

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International Trading (Post Brexit)


New rules for Business It’s been an uncertain period leading up to the United Kingdom (UK) leaving the European Union (EU). Now that that ‘Brexit’ has happened, as of 1st January 2021, businesses are having to work out the practical changes

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New Year, New Stock! ‘Dynanet’ Spares


Nokia ‘Dynanet’ PDH Transmission products For many years, the ‘Dynanet’ family of PDH Transmission telecoms products have well served Public Operator and Private Network Customers across the Telecoms, Utilities, Transport and Public Safety markets with high availability mission critical infrastructure,

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