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Keymile UMUX – Multiservice access solutions


Comprehensive Functionality The UMUX platform provides carrier-grade reliable multi-service multiplexing and aggregation functions over copper and fibre networks. A variety of voice (POTS, FSX, FSO, ISDN) and data (e.g. G.703, V.11, V,24, V,35) interfaces, SHDSL and Ethernet (including PoE+ and

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PC Troubleshooting Project

Stop Code: PROCESS1 INITIALIZATION FAILED As a result of a PC replacement and upgrade project for Action for Asperger’s, we were presented with a seemingly serviceable Dell Optiplex 755 machine but suffering from a critical failure on power-up, meaning that

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Launch of Telecoms Products


Management Services and Solutions @YellowsBestLtd provides professional Management Services for Business Development activities and Enterprise Support of Infrastructure. We source Solutions for Sustainable Systems maintenance. Together with our broad range of new and ‘legacy’ equipment Technologies, we have now launched

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Happy New Year

Best wishes for 2019 to all our Customers and suppliers from @YellowsBestLtd. We hope we can be in touch again soon to understand requirements and discuss how we can work together for mutual business benefit. Looking forward to being of

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Merry Christmas


@YellowsBestLtd we would like to thank our Customers for your enquiries and orders throughout this year, as well as our Suppliers for your support. We’re pleased to have been of assistance providing services and solutions. Now into our fourth year of

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Nokia ‘Dynanet’ Telecoms – Stock disposal

Nokia Dynanet

‘Last chance’ for spares! The Nokia ‘Dynanet’ family of PDH Transmission telecoms products has served customers well for the last 20+ years, and indeed some networks continue providing good operational service.  @YellowsBestLtd has supported requirements to maintain these networks by

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Three years milestone

YB Services and Solutions Portfolio

Three years completed; onward in our fourth year! @YellowsBestLtd has now reached the significant milestone of completing three years of trading; something often useful to be able to state when qualifying for opportunities and registering with business customers. Our aim

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Solar energy project

Solar Energy Project

“Off-grid eCharger” The aim of this ‘off-grid’ solar energy project was to build a charger for an eBike so that its battery could be charged (when not in use) from power collected from the sun via a ‘fixed’ off-grid installation, rather

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Legacy Computing – Windows through time


DOS Beginnings – the early days of ‘personal computing’ The ‘Personal Computer’ (PC) launched by IBM in 1981 was a breakthrough that revolutionised the workplace, though the early ones were quite limited especially in terms of how to use them

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Legacy mobile phones

Legacy Mobile Phones

The original ‘smartphone’ – Nokia Communicator Remember way back in the late 90’s and early 2000s, when Nokia ruled the mobile phone market, they launched the Communicator series. Essentially it was the coming together of a mobile phone and a PDA, joined

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