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Remaining stocks of Nokia ‘Dynanet’ spares – Update

Nokia Dynanet

Surplus and Refurbished Items for continued operational service Many Customers have ‘legacy’ telecommunications networks which are continuing to provide good operational service. Particularly where functional requirements have not changed, it makes sense to avoid or delay costly and time-consuming change-out

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Legacy Telecoms Spares – Nokia ‘Dynanet’ Update


Nokia DCN Adapter – Management & Other products The ‘Dynanet’ family of PDH Transmission telecoms products were first introduced by Nokia over 20 years ago, and were continued in recent years by DNWP. These have well served Public Operator and

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Repair Services for Infrastructure hardware elements


Management Services for New and Old From time-to-time, hardware elements within infrastructure systems fail, and repair services are required for a diverse range of parts procured over a considerable period of time, from a multitude of Original Equipment Manufacturers (O.E.M.s),

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Securing Remote Access During COVID-19


Given the current unprecedented situation restricting normal business operations, resulting in revised working arrangements including home working, consideration should be made of the preparations and processes organisations need to take. Consequently, we recommend joining the following Webinar by Vysiion and

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Keeping yourself and your business safe …

It certainly is a troubling time with the rapid spread of the Coronavirus sweeping the world. It’s no exaggeration that for most people, nothing quite like it has been experienced in living memory. There’s a lot of confusing information around

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Legacy mobile phones – Nokia 6230 & 2610


When phones got small (before they went big again) In technology terms it seems a lifetime ago, now that large and ever-increasingly powerful ‘smartphones’ are commonplace, but it wasn’t so long since the trend was for mobiles to get smaller

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Happy New Year

Best wishes for 2020 to all our Customers and suppliers from @YellowsBestLtd. We hope we can be in touch again soon to understand requirements and discuss how we can work together for mutual business benefit. Looking forward to being of further

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Merry Christmas

@YellowsBestLtd we would like to thank our Customers for your enquiries and orders throughout this year, as well as our Suppliers for your support. We’re pleased to have been of assistance providing services and solutions. Now into our fourth year of

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RadiFlow – Cybersecurity Solutions for the Industrial IoT


A portfolio of comprehensive yet simple security solutions to protect critical assets is produced by RadiFlow. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, used for controlling and monitoring remote operations in critical infrastructures such as power utilities, oil & gas,

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Cyber Security challenges and solutions for Utilities

Industry Background and Future Trends For many years Electricity, Water, Oil and Gas Utilities as well as Transport companies have required bespoke, robust, dedicated network critical infrastructure solutions with high availability and reliability. Historically, these tended to use bespoke well-proven

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